Jaipur Junction creates an eclectic fusion of traditional North-Indian music and indie from the West. Traditional Indian vocals with roots in Rajasthan and Hindi lyrics are complemented with warm harmonies and lush melodies on guitar and keys. Authentic tabla rhythms with origins in the classical school of New Delhi and folk are accompanied by indie- and jazzrock infused, dynamic drums, deep synth basses and ambient electronics. All of this is blended in a raw, yet contemporary sounding mix.


Jaipur Junction is based around vocalist and lyricist Sarita Rav from Jaipur, India together with drummer and producer Otto de Jong from Utrecht, The Netherlands. In the past they performed traditional North-Indian songs as a duo, with just vocals and drums. In this setting they already toured in The Netherlands, France, Germany and India. They also released one album, Kyon Nahin, in this setting.


During the pandemic they extended their musical endeavors and started writing their own music, sending demo's back and forth while living more than 6000 kilometers apart from each other.

In late 2022 they took their compositions to studio Barn In The Meadow near Utrecht and selected a dedicated team to record a new album with. Otto produced the album himself with Imran Khan from New Delhi on tabla, Sahil Bahl from Den Haag on electric, slide and weissenborn guitar and Erwin Tuijl from Utrecht took care of synthesizers and co-production. The new album will be called Sambhav (possibilities) and is recorded and mixed by Matthijs Kievit (Joneski) and mastered by Alex Geurink.


With their new, colourful album and positive experiences from the past, Jaipur Junction is ambitions to interact with an audience around the world.


Read more about the creative process in this article from The Daily Indie. 


"This band could both play at North Sea Jazz Festival and as a support act for Björk." - Rob Snijders, Strictly Creative Music Management

"When you close your eyes and open your mind, you’ll be carried away on eight arms into a fata morgana of music. A fantastic trip!" Michelle de Ruyter, Musicmaker Magazine