Punjab Kesari, Divya Sanchetna, Badhta Rajasthan

Published on 14 December 2022 at 12:49

Three newspapers in India published an article about Sarita Rav and Jaipur Junction. Punjab Kesari, Divya Sanchetna and Badhta Rajasthan. Photo by Ima Rhebok.



Sarita Rav started her music journey at Rajasthan Sangeet Sansthan. When Sarita went to Sangeet Sansthan for the first time, she did not know that music was taught here, she thought that she would study writing, however, through her writing Sarita enrolled into the music department of Rajasthan Sangeet Sansthan.  

Here she got a chance to learn a very beautiful art and that was music.  Initially, Sarita took her music lessons from Guru Sangeeta Arya Ji at Rajasthan Sangeet Sansthan, after that she got a chance to meet Hameed Khan Kawa Ji, Director of Kawa Brass Band and from here she traveled in India and abroad. In 2018, singer Sarita made her first trip to Europe. 


In early 2019 Jaipur Junction was formed with the best drummer from Netherlands, Otto de Jong. The people there liked her art and culture very much and later in 2019 she went back to the Netherlands. This time she took took the challenge to make a record called Kyon Nahin (Why not). On which she sang all kinds of songs. Music Mantra, Sufi, Bhajan, Rajasthani Mand etc.  


A few days before the Corona period, there was a tour with the Jaipur Junction band. Even during the Corona period Sarita worked on two of her projects and she did one project online, for Jaipur Junction. 

They exchanged their ideas online, Sarita composed her own songs for a new record, mainly using Hindi, Urdu and Rajasthani language in these songs. And Otto composed the music, all the songs were recorded in the Netherlands. Many of the best musicians from Europe have worked together in this new record.


Photographer Lissane Lentink from The Netherlands.

Dholak player Shaties Mohan lives in The Netherlands and is from Suriname.

Erwin Tuijl is a musician and music producer from The Netherlands.

Desiree Coumans is a musician and videographer from The Netherlands. 

Matthijs Kievit is a music recording and mixing engineer from The Netherlands.

Sahil Bahl is a musician and instrument builder from United States of America (US) and lives in The Netherlands.

Tabla player Imran Khan is from India.


Sarita has also done an interesting project on her music poetry with Aricia Ponet, a fine dancer from Ghent City, Belgium. The theme of this project has been made on Sarita's poem "Kab Tak". UK Oxford Research Center Department of Humanities - University of Oxford Creative Multilingualism posted the video of the poem "Kab Tak" on its blog on 26 October 2022. Arisia and Sarita will give us more information about it soon.

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